CYMBAG can be used to protect cymbals while installing, removing or storing.

Why is better to use CYMBAG?


This is a cymbal that was purchased on July 2009 and never used CYMBAG and it has been set up three-four times per week and played in home studio and local gigs. Also this cymbal has never been cleaned.



This is a similar cymbal that was purchased at the same time and it has been cleaned about four times per year. Here you can see the finger-prints, dust and the brand has come off because of cleaning and this issues are only from a weekend gig. The investment on cleaning only for this cymbal is about 3/4 of cymbal cleaner bottle that cost $15.00 and 40 minutes of hard work. If this cymbal were fitted with a CYMBAG, the only investment had been $12.99 and also no hard work.



This cymbal is from the same set up and was purchase at the same time than the previous ones and always has been protected with CYMBAG. It has never been cleaned, no finger-print, no dust, no scratches and also no hard work on cleaning!!

– Better condition for your Cymbals
– Keep the cymbal value
– No hard work
– Savings in time and cleaners

CYMBAG is the only cymbal bag that can be slipped on or off with wing nuts in place.

CYMBAG is compatibleĀ  with all cymbal cases and bags.