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Cymbag is an individual bag that protects the cymbal when not in use and during set-up/tear down. It has a simple slit opening that allows you to handle the cymbal without using gloves and still keeps the cymbal free of finger prints and dust.


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Cymbagis a single individual bag protector with a radial opening, which lets you manipulate the cymbal without touching it directly.

A simple, all-new method of cymbal storage and safekeeping.

Made from an advanced microfiber material, Cymbags are designed to keep cymbals clean, protecting them from fingerprints, dust and dirt during set-up, pack-up, storage and travel. Cymbags is an easy-to-use sleeve that slips on and off the cymbal quickly while it’s still on the stand and fits perfectly into any hard or soft case. In addition, Cymbags can be used for drumset, concert, marching and world percussion. Every cymbal size and shape and any drumming style and situation.

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    Amazing Product!

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