CYMBAG is company that is formed by musician drummer enthusiast who saw the need of a special product that can cover a very basic need for drummers; to keep cymbals clean and protected.

Since the beginning of the idea, a few years ago we investigated and research for a product that had this issue covered and we discovered some products that protected cymbals but they are not easy to use. So, we had it very clear that we are facing a unique world wide opportunity in a very specific market.

CYMBAG the Product

Having in mind something innovative and necessary for drummers we gave life to CYMBAG an individual bag for cymbals that at the same time can be use individually to store cymbals into soft or hard carrying cases so they can be transported everywhere. Cymbag can be installed in the cymbals without any tools and without using your hands (you can save your cymbals from those horrible finger prints) all of this can cause the cymbal to lose resonance though the years.

We know the cymbal importance and value for a drummer so our product is focused 100% in protecting your investment. Cymbag is a product that can be easily installed, removed or store. Just remove in seconds and play.

A lot of drummers put sheets on their cymbals in order to protect them so they can prevent dust and other people to touch them, but this has proven not to be much efficient due to slippery surface of the cymbal the sheet can flew easily. At last a product intended for a specific need and can also bring a “PRO” look to the drummer.


Because we know as a drummers sometimes we need to reduce the sustain in our cymbals or reduce the volume when we play in small room and we require low volume in our drums. Cymbag Reducers reduces the volume on cymbals just 10% to 30%, so you can still hear the cymbal quite loud but with more control and reduce sustain, works great on toms and snares drums.