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Made from an advanced microfiber material, Cymbags are designed to keep cymbals clean, protecting them from fingerprints, dust and dirt during set-up, pack-up, storage and travel. Cymbags is an easy-to-use sleeve that slips on and off the cymbal quickly while it’s still on the stand and fits perfectly into any hard or soft case. In addition, Cymbags can be used for drumset, concert, marching and world percussion. Every cymbal size and shape and any drumming style and situation.

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3 thoughts on “CYMBAG

  1. These sound reducers are absolutely incredible!
    I hate using tape on cymbals since it leaves that ugly residue, or it oxidizes around the tape differently, as well as it sometimes takes away the logos.
    These not only do not do any of those, but they’re clear so they’re basically invisible to everyone. They work phenomenally giving you exceptional control over loud ringing, and most importantly, they’re reusable!
    I’ve given some away to friend and colleagues and we all agree that these are absolutely the greatest thing for cymbal dampening! Better than the magnets, tape, moon gel, etc. – grab a pair a try em out!

  2. As someone who prides themselves in the selection of cymbals, I often struggle with transporting them and maintaining them. The hardcase and softshell cases are great, but it doesn’t prevent the cymbals from touching. Even the cymbals on my house kit collect dust and guests don’t respect them and touch them because they saw step brothers or a YouTube video.
    Cymbags are honestly my life saver and are an absolutely incredible product for those serious about cymbal care and maintaining them long term.
    Whether your putting them in a case or keeping them on their stands – with how much cymbals costs, the comfort and peace of mind that cymbags give are an absolute must! Trust me, when you buy these, you’re buying an investment in your cymbals and your voice as a drummer, as well as peace of mind!
    Keep up the incredible work and know that every cymbal of mine has a matching cymbag!

  3. Love your product. I have used them for years. They always keep my cymbals dust free as well as give them that extra cushion when I pack them in my cymbal bag. Love this product. **Side note: Do you do endorsement deals?**

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